The D****** Tragedy (Part 4 of 5)

Part 4 of 5

Tiara of Thorns: The Rose Hawthorne Story

Excerpt from Chapter 12, Page 243

To: henrypcovington@covingtonhajimerodbergherlaw.state  

From: rose.hawthorne@entertainment.cmc.state

Subject: Inquiry into the Safety of Ducklie Life Theme Park

Hi Henry,

I’m concerned about recent events involving the Ducklie IP. Who are these weird freaked out people jerking off in the simulators? And is the park really running brothels? And I don’t understand what’s going on with the purses. As the creator of Ducklie, what options do I have to take things in a different direction?



To: rose.hawthorne@entertainment.cmc.state

From: henrypcovington@covingtonhajimerodbergherlaw.state

Subject: RE: Inquiry into the Safety of Ducklie Life Theme Park

Hello Ms. Hawthorne,

I’m aware of the scandals stemming from the Plucker and Clucker Dark Wing movements. I share your concerns about safety and the flagrant violations of Convention. I’m also sympathetic to your feelings on the matter as Ducklie’s creator.

Unfortunately, there are no real options available for you to remedy the situation. Your shares don’t give you much of a voice with the CMC. Even if they did, at this level of disturbance the Prime Minister will decide the future of the franchise.

Any action you take on your own or any expression on your part of an interest in influencing the exploitation of the IP will likely cause the Prime Minister to craft legislation specifically designed to shutter your Golden Cities Initiative as a punitive measure.

From what I hear the CMC plans to make material changes to the brand; especially Ducklie Life Theme Park. They’re taking on the Committee for the Expansion and Codification of Moral Authority as advisors, so the new changes may or may not be to our liking. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Henry P. Covington, Attorney at Law

Executive Edict

Office of the Prime Minister

Due to recent bizarre and disruptive activity, we are immediately enforcing new codes of conduct for Ducklie Life Theme Park, its employees, and park attendees. Violating any of these codes will result in mandatory fines and possible jail time (see paragraph 33a). Below is a summary of the new statutes.


  • In keeping with the larger effort to crack down on Ducklie sexualization, adults are no longer legally allowed to play with or enjoy Ducklie in ANY way. Ducklie is heretofore to be considered FOR CHILDREN ONLY. ANY adult expressing ANY admiration in WHATEVER form for Ducklie (including synthetic Ducklie(s) or anything a reasonable person would consider to be a substitute Ducklie) will face MANDATORY commitment to a labor camp for the mentally disturbed.

  • No men are allowed in the park unless accompanied by both a spouse AND a child.

  • No women are allowed in the park unless accompanied by THEIR OWN CHILD.

  • Cuddle cafes are to be shut immediately.

  • Prostitution of ANY kind is no longer permitted. Any flirtatious behavior or anything that could be CONSIDERED flirtatious behavior between park staff and park attendees WILL be considered prostitution and WILL be prosecuted under the provisions outlined in paragraph 33a.

  • It is unlawful for ANYONE to use the word “Ducklie” in print (including digital media). Using a censored “D******” will be permitted on a case by case basis. This is not limited to the jurisdiction of the park and also applies to private communications.

These points are recapped on page 143, so there is ZERO excuse for not understanding the new law, and there will be ZERO tolerance in enforcing it. This goes into effect immediately.

This entire story is a work of fiction. None of the characters, events, and organizations are real, nor do they intentionally refer to real people, events, or organizations with the possible exception of parody. This work is for entertainment purposes only.

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